Sample Post: Conservation

Fast Facts About Recycling

Do you recycle? If not, why not? You might be surprised at how little extra effort green living takes, and at some of the benefits it provides. Recycling isn’t difficult at all. First, you need to find out how your community handles recyclable material. You may have the option of leaving recyclables curbside to be picked up, or you may have to drop the materials off. You may even have the option of bringing your recyclables to a center that pays you for the material. Either way, it’s a simple matter of separating the recyclable material from the rest of your garbage and getting it to the recycling center. In doing so, you can reduce pollution, conserve energy, and even save jobs. Did you know that the recycling effort has kept 1.7 billion pounds of garbage out of landfills? Do your part, start recycling today.

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