Sample Post: Health Care

Choose the Right Homecare Provider

Home healthcare is the right choice for many elderly and disabled patients. Many patients are better able to recuperate or maintain their health at home where they’re in a comfortable, non-institutional setting and surrounded by familiar things. However, good home healthcare hinges on finding the right home health care provider. There are two common ways to do this.

By far, the most common route is to hire a home health care agency to provide the medical personnel to care for the patient. This eliminates the need for the person arranging the homecare to check the background, references, and qualifications of multiple applicants. A good home healthcare agency should be able to provide detailed information about their selection process, the licenses and certifications held by their healthcare providers, and their background and screening process. When considering home health agencies, it’s important to ask specific questions. How do they handle it if a scheduled healthcare provider calls in sick? What kind of continuing education do their home health providers receive?

Another route is to choose a home healthcare provider privately. The person arranging the home care should be careful to check all references. Licenses and certifications for nurses and nurse aides can be looked up on state websites, and this is a way to find out if the applicants have any past complaints and if their credentials are current and valid. Personal interviews are also a must and should include the patient if possible

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