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How to Experience Louisville, Kentucky

You may know the city of Louisville best for being the namesake of the famous baseball bat, the Louisville Slugger. However, the city has a lot more to offer than just baseball. Named after the French King Louis XVI, Louisville has a long history that dates back to the 1700s and remains an important Kentucky city and a popular spot for U.S. travelers for a variety of reasons. If your upcoming vacation is going to take you near the city of Louisville sometime soon, you’ll need these tips on where to stay, where to eat, and what to see.

  • Where to Stay: For a weekend of at and culture, book one of the beautiful rooms in the 21C Museum Hotel. Explore the hotel’s latest art exhibit, currently a collection of contemporary photography from locations around the world. The museum offers a free guided tour with docent twice a week. When you’ve had your fill of artwork, spend some time relaxing with a Swedish massage at the hotel spa or pump up your heart rate by doing some cardio at the fitness center.
  • Where to Eat: For a dining experience that is pure Kentucky, visit Louisiana’s Hillbilly Tea. In addition to the array of black, green, earth, and mountain teas that the tea cafe sells, they also serve a pretty good dinner. The dishes have colorful names like Roadkill Stew and Big Earl’s Braised Lamb, but don’t let that stop you. Try the Billy Goat Mussels for the table and the grilled rainbow trout for an entree. Don’t forget to try a cup of the cafe’s famous tea; for something unexpected, try the Smoky Mountain Chai or the Morning Dew.
  • What to See: Louisville is the home to the Kentucky Derby, so if you plan to visit the city in the spring, that is without a doubt the place to be. However, Louisville is home to many other exciting attractions as well. Take a river cruise on the famous steamboat The Belle of Louisiana, or visit the Muhammed Ali Center to learn about the life and philosophy of the Louisville born boxer. And of course, baseball fans won’t want to miss the Louisville Slugger Museum.


The possibilities are endless in Louisiana; this is in many ways a quintessential American city, and it’s a city that everyone should visit at least once.

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