Sample Post: Bathroom Design

3 Amazing Bathroom Design Ideas for 2022

Bathrooms are one of the few spaces in the house that everyone will use at some point and a room that plenty of visitors will see. They may be utilitarian rooms, but that doesn’t mean that they must look utilitarian – since they’re so important, why not put the effort into making them inviting and attractive spaces that people want to be in? There are a lot of ways that you can turn a bathroom into the retreat from the world that it was always meant to be. Check out a few of the most striking and appealing changes you can make to upgrade your bathroom design for 2022.

Go Classy and Elegant with Black Fixtures

For a long time, it’s been more common to see bathroom fixtures in metallic colors. Brushed nickel is common, easily accessible, and goes with any number of styles and colors. For more upscale looks, homeowners have chosen chrome, copper, brass, bronze, and even gold. But for 2022, it’s time to go in a different direction: matte black.

Just picture it. You already know that black is a color that can be paired with everything. So no matter what your bathroom’s design and color scheme already are, these fixtures will work with them. Black is also a color associated with sophistication and chic fashion, so the addition of black fixtures – just that one change – can immediately upgrade your bathroom and make it a more elegant space.

Go Bold with a Mural

Murals are bold and exciting almost by default. Choosing to turn what would be a plain wall into an artistic scene is a daring choice in any space.

A bathroom is perhaps an especially nervy place for such a mural. It’s easy to get used to bathrooms that are sparse, antiseptic, and sterile. Plain, empty walls are the norm. But they don’t have to be. Adding a mural that depicts a relaxing nature scene or a bright, revitalizing geometric pattern gives your bathroom a feel reminiscent of a lush salon instead of a boring home bathroom.

Go Natural with Potted Plants

The truth is that almost any space is livened up by adding living things to it. Of course, bathrooms aren’t a space where you generally want a lot of humans or pets. But plants are living things with which you can easily share your bathroom space.

Think of all the benefits there are in adding some potted plants to the room. You add splashes of natural color that catch and entertain the eye. The air in your bathroom will be better, thanks to the oxygen production provided by the plant. If you opt for plants that flower, their natural scent will even improve the odor in the room. Don’t go overboard – aim for adding natural elements, not recreating a jungle. Plants that are lower maintenance and make minimal mess are also a good choice. This year, even if you’re not planning on overhauling your whole home design, why not make some changes that upgrade your bathroom? After all, you already know you’re going to spend time there, so use some trending design ideas to turn it into a more picturesque and pleasing space to spend time in.

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