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Fitness for Freelancers – Episode 197

Set Yourself Up for Successful Nutrition!

We all have to eat every day. Several times a day, in fact. You’d think by now we’d all know how to do it, but there are so many rules around eating! Eat this, not that. Eat then, not now. Eat here, not there. Delicious, satisfying food can be a real joy, but when you’re too busy checking the list of rules to enjoy it, eating feels like more of a chore.

And how do you know you have the right list of rules? After all, there are about as many diet plans and meal plans as there are self-proclaimed diet experts out there, and no two are the same. Some differ only slightly from other mainstream plans, while others are memorable for being unconventional, or outright bizarre. But which one is right? Is there even one right answer?

It may be that we’re setting ourselves up for nutritional failure with too many rules. Maybe there’s a better way, one that involves listening to what our bodies are telling us instead of to somebody else’s rules. Today on the podcast, hosts Jane and John are joined by Coach Pomona Plum, who’s here to talk about how rebelling against the rules may sometimes be the healthiest choice. Listen to their discussion to learn about the flawed thinking behind “clean” eating, what you need to know about managing cravings, and how to listen to your body’s cues.

Highlights of Today’s Discussion

  • Coach Pomona’s nutrition journey
  • Where clean eating fails
  • The problem with cheat days
  • Why people binge
  • Recognizing a binge for what it is
  • Controlling your cravings
  • The consequences of eating too little
  • How rule-following can cause you to lose touch with your body’s cues
  • What intuitive eating is all about
  • Learning to be present with your food
  • Where listeners can find Coach Pomona online
  • Listener shoutout segment

Our Links:

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Guest Links and References From the Show:

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Get In Touch With Your Hunger

The 5 Most Important Facts About Intuitive Eating

Quote Tweets from Today’s Episode:

“You can waste years following arbitrary rules, or you can figure out what’s right for your body and do that instead.” –Pomona Plum

“You’ll never really feel in control of what you eat if you never make your own decisions about your food based on your own body’s needs.” –Pomona Plum

“How can you make good decisions when you’re not giving your brain enough nutrients to function properly in the first place?” -Pomona Plum


[00:32:54]: “The good news is, even if you’ve lost the knack of listening to your body’s natural hunger cues, that doesn’t mean that you’ve lost it forever. You can reconnect with your body and the signals that it wants to send you. A good way to start is by making sure that your body is getting enough food throughout the day. Small but satisfying snacks at regular intervals can go a long way toward making sure that your body has the nutrients it needs to perform the way you need it to – and that includes communicating your own hunger and fullness messages to you. Also, start paying closer attention to what your body is telling you. Your body might have slowed or dulled the hunger and fullness cues it sends you because you weren’t heeding them anyway, but when you begin listening and responding to small cues, your body will respond by sending them more frequently and intelligibly. “

[01:11:42]: “No food is really “good” or “bad” – it’s all just food. Assigning morals to food really gives it too much power. Yes, an apple is objectively more nutritious than a candy bar, but it’s still possible to eat too many apples, and that’s not good for you either. If what you’re craving is candy, the answer is to eat candy in moderation, not to keep eating apples until the craving goes away. Because either you’ll end up eating way too many apples trying to satisfy a craving for something else and make yourself sick, or you’ll deny yourself the candy until you can’t stand it anymore and then end up eating way too much of that in a binge. Heavy restrictions on food often lead to disordered eating in the form of binge/restrict cycles, and that’s very unhealthy for your body. On top of that, disordered eating makes you feel out of control and helpless. It’s better for your body and mind to acknowledge the craving when you have it, indulge it in a balanced, moderate way, and move on with your life. You haven’t ruined anything. The healthy food you ate that day is not wasted. You’ve just calmed a craving, which can allow you to better enjoy the next healthy meal or snack the next time you’re hungry. Intuitive eating is really the opposite of disordered eating.”

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